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VNA Foundation Nursing Scholarships


Two outstanding post-baccalaureate students enrolled in the accelerated BSN program at Rush University College of Nursing and Loyola University’s Neihoff School of Nursing have been selected by their faculty to receive a $28,000 tuition scholarship awarded to the universities by the VNA Foundation.

Both scholarship recipients have strong backgrounds in community service, and per the terms of the scholarship, agree to work for two years following graduation in a community or home-based service agency that serves the metro-Chicago area.

Selected as the 2006 VNA Foundation ABSN Scholars are:

  • Mr. Arthur D. Hackett – Rush University College of Nursing
  • Ms. Deborah K. Muhammad – Loyola University Neihoff School of Nursing

“The VNA Foundation, with more than 100 years of nursing history, is always exploring ways to promote the careers of those nurses who choose to practice in community- and home-based care,” said VNA Executive Director Robert DiLeonardi. “The new VNA Foundation ABSN Scholars program is another such effort, and both of these students, who were selected by their faculty, are ideal initial recipients. They bring impressive histories of community commitment and academic dedication, and we are extremely proud that they have been named as the first VNA Foundation ABSN Scholars.”

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