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VNA Foundation Nursing Scholarships


The 2007 VNA Foundation ABSN Scholars have been selected by their faculty to receive full tuition scholarships. The scholarships, awarded by Rush University College of Nursing and Loyola University’s Neihoff School of Nursing with funding from the VNA Foundation, recognize post-baccalaureate students enrolled in the accelerated BSN programs. Recipients agree to work upon graduation for two years with medically underserved populations in a community or home-based service agency in the metro-Chicago area.

Selected as the 2007 VNA Foundation ABSN Scholars are:

  • Ms. Dayna Gaskins – Rush University College of Nursing

  • Ms. Jackie Minogue – Loyola University Neihoff School of Nursing

“Although only in its second year, the VNA Foundation ABSN Scholars program is already proving to be one of our most satisfying efforts, and one which brings a rich and diverse mixture of talented young people into community-based nursing,” said VNA Executive Director Robert DiLeonardi. “If nursing is to flourish in the 21st century, it needs to be correctly recognized as an ideal career choice for talented young people from a variety of educational and experiential backgrounds. Through the scholars program, VNA facilitates the accelerated education of those who may be most likely to bring new ideas, excitement and commitment to the field. We are very proud of the 2007 VNA Scholars, and feel that both of these students, who were selected by their faculty, are ideal recipients.”

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