About: About VNA

20 yr VNA logo no tag for webVNA Foundation is a private, independent foundation. Our grantmaking is supported by an endowment.

We do not actively fundraise, nor do we solicit donations. However, we are occasionally the grateful recipient of a bequest or contribution, which unless otherwise restricted, is distributed as grant funding.

Occasionally we may request proposals or initiate grants based on our knowledge of the health-related needs within the communities we serve. But often there is no replacement for the expertise of those on the “front lines” — our grantee partners.  So unsolicited inquiries and proposal ideas are always welcome.

The Process

We approve and disburse grants at least 4 times per year, a timeframe which, hopefully, allows us to be responsive to the needs of the underserved population served by our grantees.

Our staff is small and friendly, and although we are rigorous in our grant evaluation process, we are respectful of each applicant’s time. So please don’t hesitate to call with questions or send a letter of intent.

How can we help you?

VNA Foundation  works closely with nonprofit organizations that offer home- and community-based care to the underserved in the Chicago metropolitan area. If you are a nonprofit seeking grants, please click here.

Want to learn more about how we’ve helped the medically underserved in Chicago? Click here to review our annual reports or explore our special initiatives.