Creating a Welcoming Environment

Offers guidelines and best practices to help health providers create a welcoming environment for everyone – particularly immigrant families facing a volatile political climate — in every healthcare institution in Illinois.

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VNA honored by AIDS Foundation of Chicago

VNA Foundation Board Chair Arlene Miller, PhD, RN, FAAN (c), accepts the 2019 Impact Award from AFC President/CEO, John Peller, and Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations, Clair Daney.

Earlier this month VNA received the 2019 Impact Award from the AIDS Foundation of Chicago. When accepting the award for VNA, Dr. Arlene Miller, Board Chair, stated that,

“We view grantmaking as partnership, a collaboration between two parties who may bring different resources to the table but who share a common goal.  All partnerships work best when they are characterized by trust, openness and progress, and by all these measures AFC shines.”
Thank you AIDS Foundation of Chicago for this recognition, and for your leadership and service to people in need.

Between Friends Surveyed More Than 600 Young People About Relationships and Dating

This guide features tips and suggestions directly from teens on how to better support them by “listening up.” Included are essays detailing their experiences talking to adults about relationships, challenges leaving abusive relationships, and suggestions on how adults can best guide helpful conversations.

For more information see:
Adults, Listen Up by Umi Grigsby
#slowchathealth a global blog for #healthed teachers

Influencing the Dental Workforce in Illinois: A Case Study of the Illinois Children’s Healthcare Foundation (ILCHF)

ILCHF partnered with Southern Illinois University School of Dental Medicine and University of Illinois at Chicago College of Dentistry to implement a dental workforce pipeline project, with the goal to increase the number of oral health professionals who intend to serve children in underserved areas of Illinois. The evaluation of this eight-year study, conducted by researchers at Loyola University at Chicago Center for Urban Research and Learning, captures key learnings related to dental workforce development strategies.

Hot Off the Press: our FY 17 Grants Infographic

Take a closer look at our grantmaking for FY17, including details about our grantees and the demographics of the medically underserved populations they reach, and some of the lessons we learned through our funding partnerships.

FY17 Grant Overview

The American Public Health Association Annual Meeting + Expo will be held November 11 – 14 in San Diego.

The APHA Public Health Funder Network is sponsoring 6 sessions, each highlighting funder and community partnerships. We will also hold a business meeting for those who want to learn more and become involved, and Blue Shield of California Foundation is hosting a social hour open to anyone who would like to network and engage in cross-sector dialog.

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Have you seen Community Memorial Foundation’s data dashboard?

Community Memorial Foundation has partnered with Healthy Communities Institute (HCI) to create a platform that provides continually updated health, economic and quality-of-life population data specific to its geographic service area (27 municipalities in the western suburbs of Chicago). Users can mine the analytics to prioritize community health needs and track progress against national and locally-defined targets.