The American Public Health Association Annual Meeting + Expo will be held November 11 – 14 in San Diego.

The APHA Public Health Funder Network is sponsoring 6 sessions, each highlighting funder and community partnerships. We will also hold a business meeting for those who want to learn more and become involved, and Blue Shield of California Foundation is hosting a social hour open to anyone who would like to network and engage in cross-sector dialog.

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Have you seen Community Memorial Foundation’s data dashboard?

Community Memorial Foundation has partnered with Healthy Communities Institute (HCI) to create a platform that provides continually updated health, economic and quality-of-life population data specific to its geographic service area (27 municipalities in the western suburbs of Chicago). Users can mine the analytics to prioritize community health needs and track progress against national and locally-defined targets.

Sinai Urban Health Institute Releases New Survey

Launched in 2002, The Sinai Community Health Survey is the largest community-driven health survey ever to be conducted in Chicago. The purpose of the Sinai Survey is to document the health status of selected community areas in Chicago; understand the social factors associated with health-related behaviors, service utilization, and outcomes; and use the findings to develop public health interventions and policies to address health inequities.

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Women who have served report a more positive outlook on health

In addition to nearly 2 million female veterans, over 200,000 women currently serve on active duty.  As more women join the military, the percent of female veterans is expected to increase in the next 25 years to 16.3%, from 9.4% today — making it all the more important to better understand the unique health challenges of these women.

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For more information or for help finding resources, contact the Smart Policy Works Veterans Programs or the Thresholds Women Veterans Health Initiative

Cook County Health to Increase Access to Care for Uninsured Residents

The Cook County Health & Hospitals System (CCHHS), with support from Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle and Commissioners Bridget Gainer, Jesús “Chuy” Garcia and Robert Steele and the county wide Healthy Communities Cook County (HC3) Coalition, is launching a coordinated health program for uninsured individuals who live in Cook County.

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