Howard Brown Health Center

Sexual Health and Wellness Services

Howard Brown Health Center (HBHC) seeks to improve the health of homeless/unstably housed lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ), and other medically underserved youth, ages 12 to 24, through the delivery of accessible, culturally competent medical care at the Broadway Youth Center (BYC), with services focusing on adolescent/young adult sexual health and wellness. This will be accomplished through a Nurse Practitioner’s provision of acute medical services at the BYC, with the assistance of a Registered Nurse, with linkages to primary care provided by BYC’s NP at HBHC’s two main clinic sites. BYC has tailored its programming and staffing to best meet the needs of the young people that present for care as well as access other basic needs services at the BYC. The BYC’s Nurse Practitioner is a specialist in women’s/reproductive health and has an extensive background in sexual health and wellness. The RN provides additional education, treatment under standing orders, and consultations with patients. BYC’s NP and RN continue to build trust with youth clients and work closely with BYC’s Health Education team to deliver culturally competent, audience-appropriate services to underserved young people. A large part of the health needs of the young people accessing services at the BYC are focused on STI testing/education/treatment, family planning, acute medical care for cold/flu, and routine health screenings.

Amount awarded: $40,000.00
Award date: September 11, 2014