Rape Victim Advocates

Rape Victim Advocates

As Chicago’s only independent, comprehensive rape crisis center, Rape Victim Advocates is requesting general operating funding to support our full range of services: Crisis Intervention, Medical and Legal Advocacy, Counseling, Public Education and Professional Training.

Amount awarded: $30,000.00
Award date: December 12, 2013

Korean American Community Services

KACS Family Clinic

KACS’ Family Clinic, opened in 2009, currently provides the following services in order to increase the access of low-income, un- and underinsured Korean American immigrants to affordable and culturally/lingustically appropriate health care: screening services (imaging, blood testing, bone density, Pap tests, clinical breast exams, etc.), medical consultations, and prescriptions. We are requesting funding specifically to support the salaries of our Family Nurse Practitioner and Medical Assistant, who manage our Family Clinic, and the Clinic is open to the public 3 days a week as of August, 2013.

Amount awarded: $48,000.00
Award date: December 12, 2013

Juvenile Protective Association

Building Bridges to North Lawndale (BBNL)

JPA’s high quality mental health services provided by expert JPA clinicians through the award winning Building Bridges to North Lawndale (BBNL) project are designed to help traumatized Chicago children (90% low income and 91% African American) build social-emotional learning skills and improve classroom behavior. Vulnerable children served through six BBNL participating public elementary schools in North Lawndale are experiencing emotional, behavioral or family problems that have potential to result in chronic school problems and delinquency as they grow older.

Amount awarded: $40,000.00
Award date: December 12, 2013

Japanese American Service Committee

The Out of the House Plus Program

The Out of the House Plus program (OOTH+) was built on the JASC’s ongoing Out of the House program that is designed to help seniors remain physically active, emotionally connected and meaningfully engaged with a community in a way that supports whole health. The Out of the House Plus program presents a modified version of the existing program, hosting a six-week long version of the program designed to provide opportunities for seniors to socialize, understand their own health and psychological needs and to empower them to take steps that will have an ongoing impact on their physical and mental health.

Amount awarded: $35,000.00
Award date: December 12, 2013

Mujeres Latinas en Accion

Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Programs- North Riverside

Mujeres Latinas en Accion (Mujeres) provides culturally proficient domestic violence and sexual assault services targeting Latina women in the western suburbs including: Summit, Stickney, North Riverside, and Justice. These programs provide comprehensive services including intake/assessment, individual and group counseling, legal advocacy and children’s therapy. (Children’s therapy is currently DV only, but on track to expand to Sexual Assault this year.)

Amount awarded: $25,000.00
Award date: December 12, 2013

AIDS Foundation of Chicago

Chief Clinical Officer

The AIDS Foundation of Chicago (AFC) requests renewal funding from the VNA Foundation to support its Chief Clinical Officer (CCO) position. During the third year, the CCO will address two major goals: improving the existing HIV care system in Chicago and helping the system prepare for implementation of the Affordable Care Act.

Amount awarded: $50,000.00
Award date: December 12, 2013