Health & Medicine Policy Research Group

Chicago Area Schweitzer Fellows Program & Fellows for Life

The Schweitzer Fellows Program annually recruits and mentors 30 graduate students who design and implement health improvement projects for underserved Chicago communities, developing themselves as leaders in service in the process. The Fellows for Life Program provides networking activities, project seed grants, and ongoing leadership development opportunities for Schweitzer alumni.

Amount awarded: $49,000.00
Award date: March 13, 2014

Health & Disability Advocates

Illinois against MST and Starting Strong Illinois

VNA Foundation’s continued partnership with Health & Disability Advocates will support two key areas of our work: our Veterans programs and specifically the Illinois against MST (Military Sexual Trauma) project; and Starting Strong and our 2014 focus of outreach to working poor populations about access to benefits through the Affordable Care Act.

Amount awarded: $30,000.00
Award date: March 13, 2014

Respond Now

Prescription Medicine Program

The Prescription Medicine Program serves men, women, and children who do not have insurance or the wherewithal to purchase urgently needed medications. If eligible, clients receive a one-time voucher to purchase the medication at any local pharmacy.

Amount awarded: $15,000.00
Award date: March 13, 2014

HealthConnect One

NICU Breastfeeding Peer Counselor Support Program

HealthConnect One (HC One) was awarded $50,000 in renewed funding for Year Three of its NICU Breastfeeding Peer Counselor Program at Stroger Hospital. Funding from the VNA Foundation has been critical to the success of this initiative, which provides mothers with infants in the NICU ward with the comprehensive breastfeeding support they so urgently need.

Amount awarded: $50,000.00
Award date: March 13, 2014

McDermott Center dba Haymarket Center

Community-Based Health Services for Underserved Substance-Abusing Mothers and Their Children

A Certified Pediatric Nurse, stationed in Chicago’s largest substance use treatment agency, will provide crucial community-based health services to vulnerable, medically underserved pregnant and postpartum women and their children in residential treatment to promote health outcomes, increase mother-child bonding, and address health knowledge gaps.

Amount awarded: $40,000.00
Award date: March 13, 2014

Public Health Institute of Metropolitan Chicago

Suburban Cook County Intimate Partner Violence Healthcare Coalition

The Coalition is comprised of healthcare providers, domestic violence (DV) advocates, public health professionals and other stakeholders working collaboratively to improve the healthcare response to intimate partner violence (IPV) and increase the public’s awareness of IPV prevention and intervention strategies and resources within Cook County.

Amount awarded: $30,000.00
Award date: March 13, 2014