Chicago Coalition for the Homeless

Homeless Youth Mobile App

This funding will be used to develop a mobile phone application that gives homeless in Chicago real time information about nearby health care providers and youth homeless shelters that are available to them. The application will also provide various other resources related to healthcare access and youth homelessness. ; The Homeless Youth Mobile App project is to design, pilot, and implement a mobile app that will be used by homeless youth and service providers in Chicago to access vital resources, including but not limited to health centers and youth homeless shelters.

Amount awarded: $75,000.00
Award date: September 24, 2015

Chicago Coalition for the Homeless

Mobile App for Homeless Youth

The Chicago Coalition for the Homeless and Young Invincibles conducted a series of focus groups with homeless youth and homeless youth service providers to investigate what features a mobile app that assisted with access to health care, education, and other resources would need in order to be useful and successful.

Amount awarded: $5,000.00
Award date: February 27, 2015