The ARK’s Medical Clinic

The ARK’s Health Center includes the Medical, Dental, Eye, and Optometry Clinics and Pharmacy. The goals of the program are to provide assessment, treatment and follow-up care in a professional, compassionate and respectful atmosphere to low-income patients who are uninsured or who have inadequate medical insurance (despite the Affordable Care Act) and no other source for vital medical care. All services are provided free of charge. The Clinics are directed by an RN/MPH Clinical Manager, who provides patient care and education and supervises 70 volunteer medical professionals as well as a small paid support staff. The previous grant provided salary support for this Registered Nurse Clinical Manager, and support for the purchase of pharmaceuticals to stock The ARK’s Pharmacy. Since the physicians and dentists are volunteers, these costs make up over 75% of the Health Center’s budget.

Amount awarded: $40,000.00
Award date: September 10, 2015


Free Medical Clinic

The ARK’s Medical Clinic provides free medical treatment for low-income, uninsured patients. The clinic is directed by a registered nurse who provides direct patient care and supervises an all-volunteer staff of physicians and other medical professionals.

Amount awarded: $35,000.00
Award date: September 12, 2013