Zacharias Sexual Abuse Center

Sexual Assault Counseling Program

Zacharias Sexual Abuse Center provides free sexual assault counseling sessions in individual and group settings, and they are offered in English and Spanish. We alleviate the trauma symptoms of survivors of rape and help them to develop healthy coping strategies.

Individual counseling is tailored to the client’s unique needs and allow the client to disclose their reactions to the abuse in a confidential setting. Support groups allow participants to receive and offer support to others who have experienced similar trauma. Parent groups bring together parents of child survivors in order to answer their questions and assist other caregivers in the same situation. We also offer alternative forms of counseling such as art and play therapy. These treatment modalities provide clients with the tools to express their experiences and a constructive outlet for their intense emotions.

Amount awarded: $35,000.00
Award date: September 10, 2015

Zacharias Sexual Abuse Center

Sexual Assault Counseling

The Sexual Assault Counseling Program helps sexually abused children and adults to work through the trauma of rape and rebuild their lives after sexual violence. We provide healthy coping strategies for establishing the foundation of their healing and reducing the risk of re-victimization.

Amount awarded: $30,000.00
Award date: December 11, 2014