Grants: Womens Veterans Health Project

VNA has partnered with Thresholds, an agency experienced in addressing the health needs of veterans and others, to launch Thresholds’ new Women Veterans Health Project.  The Project responds to the increasing number of women veterans that require a broad range of mental health and social services to manage the impact of military-related traumas. A first-of-its kind in the Chicago area, the Project partners Thresholds with the VA and other social service agencies to help servicewomen get the resources they need to live hopeful, healthy and productive post-military lives.

VNA Foundation’s three year planned support for the Women Veterans Health Project comes under the auspices of our Special Initiatives program. VNA Special Initiatives are proactive grants for innovative purposes, and represent the foundation’s highest level of philosophical and financial commitment.  VNA’s grant of $150,000 to support year one of the Women Veterans Health Project was the largest single grant in VNA Foundation history. All totaled, VNA has awarded the Women Veterans Health Project $350,000 over the planned three year period, making this the largest funding commitment from VNA since 1997.

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